Worcester in the Snow
Worcester in the Snow
Worcester looking beautiful in the snow

Hello there! After toying with the idea of starting a blog for such a long time (I briefly started one in 2014 before deleting it in fear someone I know would read it and laugh at me!)…I thought today was finally the day to take the plunge and start…

In November 2016 I moved back to Worcester from Nottingham. For people who have never heard of Worcester (I hadn’t), its a small city south of Birmingham, famous for its Worcestershire sauce, royal pottery and probably lots more important things that I don’t know about ha. I currently live with my boyfriend of six years who I met on a night out, whilst studying Theatrical make-up and costume at a Worcester college in 2011.

As I first came to Worcester through UCAS clearing and as a sheltered being from a small village in Nottinghamshire, I had no idea where Worcester was or even how to pronounce the city’s name! However, by the end of my two years studying, I had come to love this little City and the countryside its hidden within…

IMG_2972At the end of my course in 2013 I went back home, but after working in Nottingham, London, Sheffield and also managing a long distance relationship, we finally decided to come back to Worcester to start our new lives together, which then leads us up to now and this blog…

I wanted my first post to be a mini introduction to myself and where I live. It would be nice if there is anyone reading this who has recently moved and is currently starting fresh somewhere, or even anyone who lives around the Worcestershire area that could recommend things to do/see as there is so much that I am yet to discover…

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