Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento, Italy

Sorrento, ItalySorrento, Italy, is easily my favourite place in the world. It was mine and James’ first holiday abroad together and we instantly fell in love, looking at the views it is easy to see why…

Sorrento, Italy

Where did we stay?

We stayed in a Hotel called ‘La Vu Dor’, a small hotel tucked away in the hills of Sorrento. I honestly couldn’t recommend this hotel enough, it was amazing. From the food being great (We went half-board, so this is always a risk) to the staff being so friendly and helpful…especially the bar tender, who would remember what we liked to drink each night!

The hotel was roughly 20 minutes away from the town centre (the hotel provides a free shuttle bus, which runs daily and late into the night). We found that we actually preferred the hotel being out the way, as Sorrento town centre was so busy, (went in August) it was nice to escape back to the serenity of the hotel.

The views were also incredible, especially in the evening, when you could sit out on their terrace to eat your evening meal and see mount Vesuvius in the background.

Town Centre, Sorrento Italy

What did we do?

We mainly spent our days wandering around the town, weaving in and out of all the cute little shops that are hidden amongst the streets, enjoying an ice cream or two and admiring the stunning views…

Pompeii and Hercalanium

The main reason I really wanted to come to Sorrento in the first place, was to visit Pompeii. I had watched a documentary on it years ago and was fascinated with the history. It definitely didn’t disappoint!

Pompeii, if you didn’t know, was a roman city at the foot of Mount Vesuvius ,which got covered in volcanic ash when it erupted in 79AD, destroying everything in its path. I found this tour so fascinating, you can see the remains of where people lived, worked and even bathed. They even had people mummified by the ash, which was both amazing and gruesome at the same time.

After Pompeii, we visited a neighboring village, Hercalanium. Hercalanium would have been a small fishing village which was home to wealthy Romans. This village also got destroyed by the eruption. In contrast to Pompeii, you could actually see the structure of the houses as it was a bit more in tact. The most shocking thing here was all the preserved skeletons of the villagers, who had fled to the seashore to try and escape when the eruption happened.


As our hotel was tucked away in the hills of Sorrento, we decided to walk to a local village called Sant’Agata, this took us roughly 30 minutes along the roads of Sorrento…which was a little scary!

However, Sant’Agata is definitely worth a visit if you are able to get there, as it is full of cute, colorful buildings (amazing for Instagram 😉 ) and rustic charm. It is a lot quieter than Sorrento, but jam packed with lots of lovely restaurants and also has a lovely Church in the Centre.

Discovering Pompeii

Colourful buildings Sant A'gata

Colourful buildings Sant A'gata

I would 100% go back to visit Sorrento and would love to go to the near by  island of Capri and also visit Positano! If you have been to any of these place please let me know…

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