Home Additions; Making a house a home.

On the run up to moving, I basically lived on pinterest, whenever I had a spare 5 minutes I would be  searching for home interior inspiration and imagining  how I would like our home to look..

Making my house a home

I never realised just how difficult it would be once you had moved in, for your home to actually look like a home, especially as me and James hardly had any furniture (Just lots Candles!). priorities.
As our house is rented, there is only so much that we can do to make it ours. That being said, our Land lady is lovely and left a lovely card (& bottle of wine) telling us to make it feel like our home and to put up as many pictures as we like, which I thought was so sweet!
Below are a few things that I have collected so far which have made our house look a little bit more like home…
Making my house a home
  Plant Pot: Anthropologie
I took a little detour on my way home from training with work, to head into Anthropologie in Bath. I had heard so many great things about the store and as I I don’t have a store near me, I thought I would take advantage…and my god, it took everything in my will power not to buy the entire shop (& the fact I was coming home via the train!).
I loved everything that they had to offer and think its great that they collaborate with local up & coming artists to provide unique items. I especially loved this quirky little plant pot (above) as it adds a bit of fun to our living room, its something a little bit different…I’m not sure if James is a massive fan, but I thoroughly enjoy looking at it!

Etsy prints of Capri, Italy and Spain

Seeing as our living room is quite dark, I wanted to include pieces to make it bright and cheerful, whilst incorporating our colour schemes (dark blues/mustard tones). I found these two prints on Etsy, sold by ‘TheprintArcade’ (£8.50 each!). I ordered both of the prints in A3 and then bought two separate frames from IKEA to Mount them in. Even though the prints were quite cheap, they are really good quality and look even nicer now they are in their frames, I would 100% recommend if you are looking for affordable prints. I really like the Vintage feel to them and that they represent two places that we love, Spain and Italy (Capri is on my list of places to visit!). I also like the fact that you wouldn’t be able to find these prints everywhere, as Etsy sells unique items.
IMG_3430I have also added lots of plants to the living room, I think they instantly cheer up a room and give it a bit of life (Lets see how long I keep them alive for, I’m not the best plant Mum!).
The little gnome that’s hanging on the side of the plant pot, was a gift from my Mum for my birthday as I have a little bit of a thing for gnomes at the moment…not sure why or how this came about, but I think he’s great. I also received a big garden Gnome for Christmas, but he’s yet to go outside, as I think its too cold for him at the minute.. he’s currently sat in our conservatory haha.
We still have things that we want to change/add, but so far we have made good progress and I am very happy with our new home. Has any one else recently moved? Is there anything that you have added or want to add to make your house feel more homely? Please leave your links in the comments 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Home Additions; Making a house a home.

  1. I feel you with Pinterest it’s so much harder to actually make it work but you did a great job all the details seem very well put together they have great feel to them


  2. I love looking at Pinterest for inspiration but it is all about making your home feel like yours! I think you’ve chosen some gorgeous pieces!

    Ellyn x | Life Of A Beauty Nerd


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