Holiday Beauty Essentials

As we are approaching the summer holidays and a lot of people are jetting away (Jealous!) I thought I would share with you my holiday beauty essentials…
Smashbox Bronzer ‘Bronze Lights’
I love bronzer, especially on holiday to give you that extra sun kissed glow. This Smashbox bronzer is such a lovely, natural shade (I use the shade ‘Warm Matte’) and allows your skins natural undertones to come through, never leaving you looking orange or muddy. This Bronzer also has really good staying ability, which is perfect when you are abroad and its warmer.
Tom Ford Cream Colour for Eyes – Colour ‘Spice’
The perfect Bronze shade to accompany tanned skin. It glides onto the eye so easily (using a brush or finger) and doesn’t crease or smudge in the hot weather. It is also a perfect base for other eye shadows, but on holiday I like to keep it simple and wear it on its own with lots of brown eyeliner and mascara.


Darphin Soleil Plaisir SPF 30
I picked up this sun cream (for the face) for my holiday to Italy last year. It was recommended by some one who also has sensitive skin and that is prone to break outs like me. I used to find that a lot of high street branded sun cream used to break me out and clog my skin up, but this one doesn’t!
It has a blend of  hyaluronic acid, to keep skin plumped and hydrated, Brazilian Algae which nourishes the skin and Karanja Oil, which has antiseptic properties and helps with wound healing.
I like this facial sun cream as it’s non-greasy, paraben free and contains a non-whitening formula, so doesn’t make my face look extra pale in the sunshine!
Although it is a little pricey at £32, I happily pay this for sun cream for my face as I know this one works for my skin type. It  also worth noting that it lasts a really long time, as a little goes along way with this product. I have only just ran out after using it up whilst on my holiday to Greece, but has lasted me well over a year and 3 trips abroad!
The Reparative Skin Tint – La Mer  & Nude Finishing Illuminating Powder – Bobbi Brown
I have spoken about these two products in more detail here if you fancy a read about them, but both are great holiday essentials. The Reparative Skin Tint is a tinted moisturiser that has SPF 30, so you are protected if you want to wear a little bit of makeup during the day. The Nude Illuminating powder is a setting powder, that makes your skin look radiant. Even though it does give you a slight glow, I found it great on holiday as it made me look nice and healthy, but not a greasy mess.
Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray
This is a texturing salt spray that I spritz onto damp hair when I have towel dried it. I then use a hairdryer and ‘scrunch’ my hair as I dry, leaving me with messy ‘beachy’ waves. By using this product, it meant that I didn’t have to use other styling tools, like curling wands, straighteners etc, which can be unbearable if its a hot country you are holidaying in. Something to consider; you don’t need a lot of this product, if you put too much in it does make your hair feel a bit tacky, but a little bit does the job perfectly!
MAC ‘Gingerly’ Powder Blush & Bobbi Brown pot rouge ‘Fresh Melon.’
MAC blush in the shade ‘Gingerly’ and Bobbi Browns cream blush ‘Fresh Melon’ are both perfect when I have a tan. I took these two as they are both very different shades and different formulas, which was helpful when deciding which style I wanted to go with that evening.
MAC’s Gingerly, is a powder blush and is more of a dark peachy/bronze shade, so worked perfectly when I was wearing the cream eye shadow by Tom Ford.
Bobbi Browns pot rouge ‘Fresh Melon’ is a peachy colour, which I normally always opt for when I have more colour to my skin. This is a cream blush so is a little more radiant on the skin and doesn’t last quite as long as MACS powder blusher (which is to be expected with a cream product in the heat). You can also wear this on the lips, although it makes me look a little washed out despite the fact I love it when used on my cheeks.
Another of my holiday favourites is Bobbi Brown’s Lip Balm. It has SPF15 and is packed with different oils such as wheat germ and Avocado oil, which help condition the lips….I also really like the sleek packaging!
So that’s it for my holiday beauty essentials. Sadly, I’ve already been on my abroad holiday this year (you can read about it here if you’re interested), but I am going to Ilfracombe, Devon at the start of August which I’m very excited about. Fingers crossed the heat wave continues!
Let me know what your holiday beauty Essentials are, or if you are going to pick up any at Duty free…
Sophie x

11 thoughts on “Holiday Beauty Essentials

    1. Yeah its really good at creating beachy waves and you don’t need to use a lot so it lasts for ages!
      Awh that’s so exciting, I love getting bits ready for holiday. Hope you have a lovely time away x

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Ah, this is making me want to book a holiday just so I have an excuse to buy some delicious holiday skincare and makeup! I am intrigued by that sun cream though, I’ve not yet found one I really like!

    Cordelia ||


  2. Oh that Bumble and Bumble surf spray sounds amazing – I hate having to use heat products whenever I’m on holiday, so this would save a load of time. I just wish I was jetting off somewhere hot this year now 😭 haha great post x

    Evie x |


  3. Love the idea of the Surf spray! I’ve tried their BB curl cream but was a bit unimpressed so would be interesting to see what this ones like. Also I’m always so tempted by La Mer but I just can’t justify the prices!! I’ll have to read your more in-depth blog post about that one. The post was so well written and interesting though – loved it!! Xx


    1. Ooh no, I looked at that and was going to give it a try! Yeah its good at making your hair look beachy, but you don’t need a lot!
      Yeah, I do love the La Mer tinted moisturiser but it is very expensive!! Thank you so much, it means alot 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

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