A Lipstick for every occasion.

Lipstick for all occasions
How many lipsticks is too many lipsticks? You can never have too many in my opinion! Lipstick is my favourite beauty product as it can instantly change/update your look in seconds.
Today, I thought I would share with you my favourite lipsticks, ranging from everyday, wearable nudes to bright reds.
Lipstick for all occasions
Lipsticks pictured above;
Charlotte Tilbury ‘Love Bite’ 
This is the only Lipstick I have from Charlotte Tilbury and I desperately want to try some others! I received this as a leaving present from the girls at work when I left my old job to move to Worcester and I don’t think they could of picked a better shade for me, the colour is perfect.
It is a bright warm red lipstick, that really makes a statement. It contains a blend of oils so is moisturising on the lips and makes for a very easy application. Even though it is moisturising, it is also very long lasting. This is great when you are wearing a red lipstick as it can be a pain to maintain red!
Charlotte Tilbury has thought about everything with this product, it’s designed with light-infusing pigments to give your mouth a full-bodied effect, making your lips look nice and plump!
Love Bite by Charlotte Tilbury Swatch
Love Bite by Charlotte Tilbury
YSL Rouge Pur Couture ‘Le Magenta Fuchsia’ – Satin Finish 
When I used to work for YSL on one of their beauty counters, this was my go to shade. Le Magenta Fuchsia is a a ‘fuchsia shade’ (Purpley/pink with blue undertones) and really makes a statement (and your teeth look whiter).
The Rouge Pur Couture range is medium-full coverage, that is long lasting. As it has a satin finish, it leaves a sheen on the lips and doesn’t dry them out due to the SPF15 moisturising formula.
The packaging of YSL lipsticks is also gorgeous. The gold case is very luxurious and also doubles as a mirror, handy for touch ups on the go!
YSL Le Magenta Fuchsia Swatch
YSL ‘Le Magenta Fuchsia’ Swatch
Chanel Rouge Coco ‘440 Arthur’ – Sheer finish
Chanel’s Rouge Coco in shade ‘Arthur’ is inspired by Gabrielle Chanel’s close friend/lover Arthur “Boy” Capel.
This is a Red/orange shade and is the only sheer formula I own. Due to it’s sheer nature and its blend of three vegetable waxes; Mimosa, Jojoba and sunflower oil, it makes for a very comfortable finish.
I find this more of an easy, everyday shade of red to wear, as it is not as bold as Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Love Bite’. Sadly the sheer formula means it doesn’t last as long as the other lipstick’s mentioned, but does give a beautiful shine to the lips.
Rouge Coco Arthur (R) vs Charlotte Tilbury 'Love Bite' (L) Swatch
Rouge Coco Arthur (R) vs Charlotte Tilbury ‘Love Bite’ (L)
Tom Ford ‘Rouge A Levres’ Lip Colour ‘Casablanca’ 
This Shade by Tom Ford is similar to Bobbi Browns ‘Roseberry’, though slightly darker and more on the plum side. Like the Bobbi Brown lipstick, it is a very wearable everyday shade. It would be a good nude shade for people who have a warmth to their skin tone.
This lipstick is quite difficult to describe in terms of finish as it has a creamy texture, which makes for a very smooth, easy application. This is down to a few ingredients such as ‘Brazilian Murumuru Butter and ‘Chamomilla flower oil’.
It does last awhile on the lips (not as long as BB’s Roseberry) but is definitely more hydrating. I think this is probably the most luxurious lipstick I own and like YSL, the packaging is beautiful.
Tom Ford Casablanca swatch
Tom Ford Casablanca swatch
Bobbi Brown Lip Colour ‘Roseberry ‘- Semi-Matte
Roseberry is a pinky rose shade, which is a great everyday wearable colour. I like to wear this shade to work as its more of a natural colour on my skin tone and doesn’t wash me out.
This lipstick has a semi-matte finish and is full coverage, meaning it is very long lasting (which is what I want at work!) but also not too drying. I find that I do have to put lip balm on during my breaks before I touch up, else it can look a little too dry on my lips.
Roseberry swatch Vs Casablanca
RoseBerry Bobbi Brown (L) Tom Ford Casablanca (R)
Lip Pencils
With the two nude tones ‘Roseberry’ by Bobbi Brown and ‘Casablanca’ by Tom ford, I use either ‘Nice ‘n’ Spicy’ or ‘Soar’ both by MAC Cosmetics. I find that either of these lip pencils work well with both lipsticks.
‘Nice ‘N’ Spicy’ is a Pro Long wear lip pencil, that claims to have 8-hour wear and is a warm brown with a matte finish.
‘Soar’ is a ‘lip pencil’ and has more of a creamy texture. Soar is a Mid-tone Pinkish brown.
With the two red shades ‘Love Bite’ and ‘Arthur’ I use MAC Cosmetics Lip pencil in the shade ‘Redd’. This shade is described as ‘clearly red’ and I couldn’t agree more.
I haven’t quite found the perfect lip pencil for YSL’s Le Magenta Fuchsia, so if anybody has any recommendations I would be happy to hear!
So thats my round up of my favourite lipsticks, which I believe can be worn to any occasion! Let me know what your favourites are and if I should try some other brands!
Sophie x

12 thoughts on “A Lipstick for every occasion.

  1. Love those shades! I myself love a good lipstick. I’ve really been into the Liquid Matte formulas lately, because I love the staying power! I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick for awhile, they are all so gorgeous! Great post. Thank you for sharing! (:


    1. Ooh I haven’t got a Liquid lipstick, I think I’ve been put off them before because the ones I have tried are really drying! what do you use?
      Thankyou 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I thought the same thing at first, and some formulas are super drying! But, my faves are from Colourpop Cosmetics and Anastasia Beverly Hills. In my opinion, they both have the best formulas! The staying power is amazing, but you don’t have that dry chapped lip feeling all day. I’d definitely recommend checking them out! (:

        Liked by 1 person

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