Sunday thoughts. What have I been up too?

Bourton On the Water

Hello! How are you all? I’m sorry I have been MIA on here recently. I just haven’t felt like writing about anything in particular and want this to be something that I enjoy, so decided to have a little break.

Anyways, I’m back! I’ve had a week and a day off work (I return to reality on Tuesday) and have filled my time off with lots of exciting things, which I thought I would share. Today, as you are reading this, I am meeting my friends for a catch up in Birmingham which is lovely, as I don’t always get to see them that often.

So here is what I’ve been up too (sorry, its going to be a little photo-heavy, I got a little carried away taking pictures!)

Vising Newark, Nottinghamshire

Newark Castle

So originally, we went to Newark to meet my sister and her boyfriend (who now live in Lincoln) to visit a ‘Christmas Fair.’ Lets just say it was the most disappointing Christmas fair I have ever seen, without being too dramatic. I would perhaps call it a normal market with a few Christmas bits thrown in. Anyway, being as that was a little bit of a fail (it was funny though), we then decided to have a wander around Newark town centre to make the most of being together as it took us over 2 hours to get there haha.

Newark town centre was quite pretty, but lots of things were closed being as it was a Sunday. Instead, we spent our time wandering around Newark castle grounds, how spooky does the castle look in the first picture?! So in the end it turned out to be a lovely day.

Wandering around Bath.

Bath Sweet ShopOn the Wednesday, me and James took a trip to visit Bath, which if you didn’t know is a very pretty City in the Southwest of England. Bath is most famous for its Roman Baths and Georgian Architecture, aswell as the Royal Crescent (they filmed part of Oliver Twist there!).

I have been to Bath before and love wandering around as I always feel like I am stepping back in time, going down the cobbled streets and looking at all the old buildings.

Cobbled Streets BathThe purpose of this trip was to start my Christmas shopping. Alas, I didn’t actually see anything to buy either for gifts or for myself, which is very unlike me. However, we did have a great time wandering around, even when it decided to rain.

A potter around Bourton on The Water 

Bourton On the WaterBourton on the Water is a little, idyllic village in the Cotswold’s. It has lots of pretty houses, cute tea rooms and just general loveliness. Bourton on the water, if you haven’t been, is what you would imagine all of England to look like (if you are not from England haha).

It is also where the opening/closing scenes of Brum ( A children’s Television show) was filmed.

Bourton on the Water Since moving to Worcester two years ago, we like to make sure we visit Bourton on the Water around this time of year, as it gets me so excited for Christmas. They have a little Christmas shop and I purchased our first Christmas decoration of this year.

Bourton on the Water Shops We stopped for a bite to eat at a quaint tea room/cafe called The Chestnut tree, which was very nice indeed. I opted for a Ploughman’s lunch and a pot of tea, which I thought was very fitting for the location. I would recommend this cafe if you are visiting, but there are lots to choose from!

Cute House in the Cotswolds

So that is what I have been up too in my week off, wandering around lots of very nice places! Let me know if you have visited any of the above places before, or if you could recommend a good Christmas fair for me to visit as I am 100% in the Christmas spirit now!

Sophie x


7 thoughts on “Sunday thoughts. What have I been up too?

    1. Awh thankyou, it was very Autumnal indeed! Yes, I love this time of year and I couldn’t help pick up an early Christmas decoration, so exciting!!
      Thank you so much 🙂 xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes it is lovely, very quaint! Awh yes, I would put both Bath and Bourton on the Water on your list of places to visit! x


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