Beauty | A few make-up favourites.

So, I’m not one for always buying new beauty products. I used to be when I worked on a beauty counter a couple of years ago, but I soon realised that there can be a thing as too much makeup and I do only have one face after all.

Today, I thought I would share with you some of my make-up favourites in my stash...


Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara-

This is honestly the best mascara I have ever tried and one that I will repeat buy until anything else comes close to how amazing this product is. First of all, I really like the size of this mascara as its not very long & fits in my make-up bag nicely.

Secondly, and probably the main thing I look for in a mascara, is something that will give me volume and hold my lashes upright. I have fairly long lashes and they don’t really do anything (& I’m too lazy to curl them). I find that this mascara ticks all these boxes (holds & gives volume) whilst not clumping any of my lashes together, which is something I definitely do not want. I also find this mascara doesn’t smudge/flake away throughout the day due to its long lasting formula.

The brush is also great as it has a tapered tip at the end, which means you can get into all those hard to reach corners and is perfect to get to the bottom lashes!

MAC Satin Lipstick in shade Retro-

Before buying this product, I had never tried a Satin lipstick from MAC. Now having tried this, it’s my new favourite formula from their lipstick ranges as in the past, I have found MAC lipsticks too drying. Not this one, the satin finish means it is creamy and comfortable on the lips, aswell as it being long lasting throughout the day.

It has a medium-to full coverage finish depending on what look you wanted to go for (I normally opt for full coverage!).

On the website, it is described as a ‘muted peachy- pinky brown’ colour. However, I would say on my skin tone (fair skin) it looks slightly more burgundy?! Which I love for this time of year!

Tom Ford Cream Colour for eyes – Shade Spice

Now, I have spoken about my love for this cream eye shadow before here. But it really is the easiest eye shadow to use as it glides onto the eyelid so well and blends amazingly. This is the eye shadow I opt for almost everyday due to its ease and longevity, I know it will stay on my eyelid (without primer!) for the whole day and will not crease.

Tom Ford has so many different shades of cream eye shadows, but I love the shade Spice (a warm bronze shade) as I find it really makes my green eyes pop and is also suitable for every occasion. These cream colour eye shadows have a metallic finish, which make your eyes appear brighter.

There you have it; My round up of some beauty items I have been loving recently! Let me know if you have any favourite products you have recently discovered, or if you have tried anything I have mentioned.

Sophie x



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