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nuxe body oil

Nuxe – a brand I had heard of, but before receiving this gorgeous dry body oil for christmas, not one I had took much notice of. Until now…

Nuxe is a French brand that is passionate about nature and using as many natural, eco-friendly ingredients in their products as possible. 

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse is a multifunctional, award winning dry body oil, that can not only be used on the body, but can also be used on the face and in the hair.

How do I use it?

On the Body –

I like to use it as a moisturiser on my body after having a bath/shower. I spray the oil generously all over, before rubbing into my skin like a regular moisturiser. The product has Tsubaki oil in (also know as Japanese Camellia oil), which is known for its amazing moisturising properties and anti-ageing effects. It also has sweet Almond oil, Argan oil and many other precious oils in that help protect and soothe the skin.

Due to it being an oil, I was worried it would take a long time to sink into my skin. It actually doesn’t take long to dry at all, but leaves a lovely sheen on my skin (I can’t wait to use this in summer!). The scent of this product is also amazing, with notes of Orange Blossom, Magnolia and Vanilla. It reminds me of being in a spa or on a tropical holiday surrounded by Orange Blossom trees!

On the face – 

As I mentioned above, this is a multi functional oil so can also be used on the face. I love using oils on my face as even though I have more of an oilier skin type, I find oils react well to my skin due to their nourishing properties.

I like to take one/two pumps of the oil (morning and evening) and mix it in with my regular moisturiser, before rubbing into my skin. I find that this oil leaves my skin nice and hydrated (perfect in this very cold weather!) but also with a lovely glow. As I have only been using it since Christmas, I can’t tell if there are any significant changes to my skin (such as anti-ageing), but it does seem softer than usual and my make-up glides on a lot better. I have also noticed I have had a lot less breakouts than normal, which I’m putting down to this oil.

In the hair – 

I personally prefer to use this on the ends of my hair once I have washed and styled it, to tame any fly aways/ smooth any frizz.  I would recommend only using a small amount (one spray) if, like me, you have fine hair that can get greasy quickly. I find by doing this, my hair looks very healthy and shiny, but isn’t weighed down.

You can also use this dry body oil as a conditioning mask by spritzing all over your hair, leaving it 10 minutes and then shampooing it out. I am yet to try this, but having recently dyed my hair slightly lighter, I am looking forward to doing this and seeing the results.

Let me know is there is anything else from Nuxe that I should try, or if there is any other ways you use your Nuxe multi purpose dry body oil.

Sophie x



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