Up-cycling furniture for Beginners

Up cycled unit

Just recently, I’ve really been getting into home decor and up cycling old furniture. It’s something very easy to do & can transfer something that you may already have lying around into something brand new!


I didn’t have anything lying around that needed updating. However, I got this cabinet (above) for £30 from a charity furniture shop near me and thought I would turn it into a shoe cabinet, as we didn’t have one. I had never done anything like this before, but I loved the result at the end & how easy it was!

If you are thinking about up cycling a piece of furniture, here is what you will need;

  • Sandpaper (I just bought a pack from Homebase)
  • Chalk Paint. Paints onto wood so much easier and gives it more of a shabby chic look!
  • Paint brushes
  • New cupboard Knobs


My first step was to clean to cabinet as it was sooo dusty from being in the furniture shop!

Next, I used a piece of sandpaper and lightly sanded the whole of the cabinet to ensure the paint would go on easily and to get rid of anything that my have already been on the wood.

Once I had finished lightly sanding my piece of furniture, I dusted again, and then using a medium sized paint brush, began painting! I used this chalk paint here which I would highly recommend, as it’s designed for furniture, meaning I didn’t have to prime my wood beforehand saving me time! It was also great for me as a beginner, as I didn’t have to worry about being too neat as it gave a more rustic look.

Once I had done one coat, I let it dry for the recommended time it said on the paint tin. I then repeated the steps of lightly sandpapering my first coat of paint (this will make your second coat go on smooth) and then re-painting. I did three coats of paint to get my required look and used sandpaper before each coat.

When I had finished, I ordered some new cupboard handles from Amazon and replaced the knobs! (The old ones were really cheap looking – forgot to take a picture of them) & Ta-da! Complete!

Some people then use furniture wax to seal the paint. However, I didn’t and its still in great condition. This is something that you can do to add longevity to your paint!

Up cycled unit

It really is that easy. I really want to go and up cycle something else now as I think I have the bug! Let me know what you think or if you have any tips for me xx

3 thoughts on “Up-cycling furniture for Beginners

  1. I use polycrylic to protect the surfaces that will be used. I don’t know how it reacts with chalk paint, but it’s great when I use it with satins. They recommend 4 coats–but since it is usually just the surfaces that will see use, it’s not that bad to apply even after you’re tired of painting.

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