Our stay in a Shepherds Hut.

Shepherds Joy Devon

Shepherds Joy Devon
In February half term (James teaches – so we always have to go away in term time!) we booked a few nights away in Devon…and this time we decided to stay in something a little different…a Shepherds Hut!

It was something we had never done before, but absolutely loved it! We loved it so much we have booked to stay in another Shepherds hut (this time in Cornwall) in April half term…

Sherpherds hut Devon

If you search ‘Devon Shepherd Huts’ in Instagram you can see its location – as it was in the middle of no where! 

How cute?! The Shepherd’s hut was located in the grounds of a farm over looking a lake, which was perfect to wake up too…we were also greeted on arrival (& then every morning) by the farm dog and the ducks. It was literally like something from a film!

We stayed in ‘Shepherds Joy’, but there was also one other Shepherds hut to the left and a chalet type house to the right, so we wasn’t completely alone. However,  It was evenly spread out so you could enjoy your privacy – the Shepherds hut even came with its own hot tub! Sadly, storm Dennis was raging, so we didn’t go in, but definitely a nice touch and we will be back to enjoy it next time…

View from Shperherds Hut

The Shepherds hut also had a bathroom (with a great shower), television, wifi (although very poor haha – great to switch off!) and underfloor heating. It also came with a log burner, but because the under floor heating was so powerful we didn’t need to use it. Although, it would be sooo cosy to light the log burner if it was slightly colder.

As the Shepherds hut was located in the farm grounds, we went on lovely little walks around the area in search of a tree swing…

Tree Swing

…when we found it, it had such lovely views… & then back to the Shepherds hut to chill!


I would highly recommend staying in a Shepherds hut, especially one that is located in grounds like this! I came back feeling very relaxed & refreshed, and I can’t wait for our next adventure in a Shepherds Hut.

Have you stayed in a Shepherds hut before? Let me know in the comments if you recommend anywhere!

Sophie xx


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