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Hello, I hope you are all okay! I thought I would do something a little different in this post & pop together a few pictures of ‘corners of my home’, as I love looking at interiors and into people’s homes. Maybe I am just too nosey?!

James and I are currently in rented accommodation, so I have added pieces to our home to make it feel like ours, without going overboard and it breaking the bank. We are currently saving like mad for a deposit, so hopefully one day we will have a place where we can actually paint a wall a different shade other than magnolia.

So here’s a few pictures of my favourite corners of our home…

Lemon TreeLemon Tree 2

My lovely little lemon tree that James’s mum bought me for my birthday last year. I actually think it was one of the best presents anyone could buy me, as I love anything with a lemon on! It reminds me of being on holiday & I love Mediterranean style interior. Sadly, if you follow me on Instagram, you may know that the lemon tree doesn’t look like this now looks like a twig...hopefully with some sun shine (I have just moved it into our conservatory)  it will come back to life…I will keep you updated.

Corner of my home

House of Happiness

Apparently, Maison du Bonheur means ‘House of happiness’  (that’s what google translate tells me anyway…) and this is so true at this moment of time, my house, like so many others is my place of happiness. We picked the sign up when we visited France last August and It goes perfectly with our living room colours! If you want to read about our time in France, I will leave the link here.  

How gorgeous are those pink tulips on the right?!  My favourite picture we have in the house is this picture above. We bought it from Thassos in Greece when we went on holiday two years ago and I just love the colours. I love collecting art pieces when we go away as every time I look at this picture, it reminds me of our holiday. We try and pick up a piece of artwork from everywhere we travel.

I also get quite a few questions about our blue lamp on the left. Unfortunately, it was from a charity shop in Skegness, so I don’t actually know where it was originally from, but I do love a good snoop around a charity shop!

Spain printCorner home 2

One of my favourite corners in the living room ft. Harold the Duck (?) doorstop that everyone hates but me haha! He was very kindly gifted as a house warming present from my sister.

We bought the Capri & Spain prints from Etsy and the magazine rack was purchased from Home Sense, which is my favourite home ware shop, I just love how random it is!

Beauty Corner

A few little beauty pieces! My Blossom and Blooms vase was also from Home Sense (can you sense a theme?) & I used to work for Jo Malone London, hence all the fragrances! Even though I don’t work for them anymore, I still love their products.

Up cycled unit

This cupboard I actually up-cycled and I wrote a whole blog post about the process here, it you want to see the before pictures! I used chalk paint to paint it this beautiful buttermilk colour as it was a dark wood before. I then purchased some different handles from amazon and it created a whole new look! We use this cupboard to store our shoes and I am so happy with it!

So that is all the snippets from my corners of my home! I hope you are all well and let me know where your favourite places to shop for home interior are…

Sophie xx

2 thoughts on “Lifestyle | Corners of my home.

  1. You have a gorgeous home decor! I love all the nature you have. Makes it so light and pretty. I love the armchair it’s beautiful. I have an armchair that is white and pink floral pattern that I love! Thank you for sharing! Great photographs x

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