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Talmont street

Talmont White Washed House

Last August, James and I went on our first venture (I went a few times when I was younger) to France, which we both fell in love with, even after the 14 hour car journey from England…

In the past, I have briefly written about our Summer trip to France, which I will leave linked here.  In this previous post, I mentioned that I would write a few blog posts on where I would recommend visiting if you are heading to France (when we are allowed out!). There were so many pretty places we visited on our 2 week break. To begin, I thought I would tell you about one of the most picturesque places we went… Talmont-Sur-Gironde. 

Talmont-Sur-Gironde, or Talmont for short, is a very pretty, historic village perched on a cliff. Talmont is located in South Western France, and was roughly a 25 minute drive (past lots of sun flower fields!) from where we were staying, in the quiet village of Saint Germain du Seudre (around 1 hour 15 minutes from Bordeaux).

Talmont street

Talmont Street

Talmont is extremely pretty and very charming. It has also been named one of the most beautfiul villages in France, it is not hard to see why!

Talmont HouseTalmont-Sur-Gironde
It has lots of narrow, winding streets that are filled with many little shops and white washed houses with blue shutters (my favourite!). To add to the beauty, during the summer when we visited, the village was full of flowers which I believe were Holly Hocks.

SignsIce Cream sign

There were lots of restaurants in Talmont. However, it was very busy in some of the places which I suppose is to be expected in the summer holidays… but, there is always ice cream…


Above is the church of Sainte-Radegonde, an interesting building which is located on the cliff side overlooking amazing views of the sea. Apparently, it was built between the 11th & 15th Centuries!

Yellow door

There is also a traditional market held every Sunday morning in Talmont, from April – September. Sadly we didn’t get to see this, but something that would definitely be of interest should we go back!

The annual festival of Talmont-Sur-Gironde which involves fireworks, children’s games, a fanfare and a giant picnic is held annually around the 15th of August. We missed this by a week but would of been amazing to see, again something to keep in mind if you are visiting in August!

Let me know if you have been to Talmont before, or if you have any places you would recommend to visit in France, we would love to go back!

Sophie xx

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  1. Oh wow this looks so gorgeous! I used to visit France when i was younger and I used to love exploring all the quaint little villages x

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