Saintes – a beautiful French town.

Saintes City France

Saintes City France

Following on from my previous post on the beautiful village of Talmont-Sur-Gironde, is the equally pretty, but slightly bigger, Saintes.

Saintes is a historic town which originates from the Roman times, located in South Western France (around 38 minutes from Talmont) standing between the towns of Royan (a post on this place later!) and Cognac. It is the 2nd largest city  in the Charente-Maritime, which is a department on the western coast of France, named after the Charente River.

Saintes Town FranceSaintes River
As you can see from the pictures, Saintes is such a beautiful place. I really wasn’t expecting it to be so pretty as it wasn’t somewhere I had heard too much about. The best thing about it being more unknown is that it wasn’t touristy at all, we really had to try hard with our French hah! Also, another thing about Saintes is that we found everyone so friendly (maybe they were taking pity on our french speaking?).

Saintes River
The river that runs through the city is called the Charente River, which you can see in the pictures above. We took a stroll along the river when we first arrived & it was so nice seeing all of the boats on the water, the greenery surrounding the river and the cathedral in the background.

Saintes StreetSaintes House

It was lovely to potter around, explore the old town and wander down all of the winding streets to see where we would end up. It wasn’t too busy either considering it is a city and it was the August holidays.

Saint Pierre
One of the main things you can’t miss when strolling around Saintes is the Cathedral.

Cathedral Saint Perre
The grand looking cathedral is called Saint-Pierre de Saintes. Apparently, there was a previous Cathedral built on the same spot as the one pictured, which dated all the way back to the 12th century.  However, the cathedral that you can now see was rebuilt around the 15th century.

View of Cathedral Saint Pierre

Whilst walking to the cathedral, we also passed the remains of a Roman Ampitheatre (41-54 AD). It was amazing to see and a very unexpected surprise! You could pay to go into the grounds,  it was something we did not do, but definitely worth a walk up to look at.

I couldn’t help but take a picture of these pink Hydrangeas. After strolling back down from the Cathedral and grabbing an ice cream, we had one last walk along the river and then headed back to our Chateau. I would highly recommend visiting Saintes if you are around this area, it is well worth a visit to this beautiful french town.

Have you visited France before?

Sophie xx

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