Lifestyle| Sharing Snippets of my days.

Blossom Tree

Hello! Happy Monday, I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend despite it being a little different this year. I thought I would share little snippets of what I’ve been up too during my days in lockdown, I share so much on my Instagram feed, it’s nice to share on here too. I hope you don’t mind these lifestyle posts! Let me know if you like this kind of content as I’m always pottering around taking pictures of things I am up too!

Some highlights from the past couple of days…

White and Pink blossom

White BlossomWalking to the Blossom trees 

Going on our daily walk to see the Blossom trees, they really have started blooming now! Before this Lockdown happened, we actually didn’t know these fields near us even existed! So thats one good thing about this whole pandemic, it’s made us appreciate where we live a lot more!

Up cycle Candle Jar

Pink Roses Re using my Candle jar

I received this gorgeous poppy candle as a present for Christmas and I sadly finished it a few weeks ago. I first smelt this poppy candle when we were in France last summer ( I will link the blog posts below, if you want to read about our travels!) and it was such an unexpected surprise getting it for Christmas! Seeing as I loved the container so much, I decided to up-cycle my jar. I did this by burning the candle to the very end so there is very little wax left, wrapping the container in a tea towel (so it doesn’t smash) and putting it in the freezer over night. In the morning, when you take it out the freezer, the wax should hopefully just slide on out leaving you with a beautfiul little vase! If the wax doesn’t slide out, you can gently chip away at it with a sharp object (be careful!), it should come away in no time!

Blog posts about france below;

Saintes – A Beautiful French Town
Summer Trip to France 

Leaf cuttingTaking a cutting of my plant

My plant, which we first got when we moved into our house is now quite big, so decided to take a cutting and see if roots will grow. I think, some roots are growing, but I am excited to see what will happen in a couple of weeks!


IMG_1491Ice cream anyone?

I had so many photos stored on my phone from previous trips & days out that I never got around to printing. I have used many different online photo printing services in the past, but this time I used Photobox, which I was really impressed with! The quality is so good, I cant wait to arrange them all in my photo albums.

So there is my round up, along with a few snippets/photos, of what I have been up too! As always, I would love to know what you have been up too! Let me know if you like this kind of content!

Sophie x

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