Afternoon in Appledore, Devon.

Colourful houses Appledore

Last month, whilst we were staying in our Shepherds hut in Devon (you can read about the stay here), we decided on one of the sunnier days, to have a drive to Appledore. Appledore is a quaint little fishing village located in North Devon. I only heard about this sweet little village due to googling … Continue reading Afternoon in Appledore, Devon.

Our stay in a Shepherds Hut.

Shepherds Joy Devon

In February half term (James teaches - so we always have to go away in term time!) we booked a few nights away in Devon...and this time we decided to stay in something a little different...a Shepherds Hut! It was something we had never done before, but absolutely loved it! We loved it so much … Continue reading Our stay in a Shepherds Hut.